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Hi, I’m Kate!  I have worked in all kinds of different restaurants, from diners to family restaurants to fine dining joints, and I’ve done just about everything in them - prepping, cooking, expediting – and I’ve loved it all. I haven’t worked in a restaurant in about 10 years now, but I still love to cook and I still love to be in the kitchen. Now, it’s the real world and the people  in my own daily life that I love to cook for the most – my husband and my kids! And even though this is where I have the most fun, they do present me with challenges to keep it interesting.

Brent is my husband and it was only after meeting him that I really knew what a picky eater was. Brent is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. He likes his roast beef, seared and roasted with little flavouring agents, with his mashed potatoes (no garlic, no brown butter) on the side. The only cooked vegetable he’ll eat is corn, and the only vegetable he’ll eat raw is carrots – but cook them and they come off his plate. Amazingly, Brent and I have been together for 14 years. And while it’s tough to create recipes that satisfy his simple tastes yet still let me explore and experiment in the kitchen, I do manage to do it quite often. And if there’s ever something I want to try that I don’t think he’ll go for? Well, he does work through the dinner hour about two nights a week; and it’s on those nights that I get to show my girls how crazy you can really be in the kitchen!

Paige is a 5-year-old that was born with all the same food tastes of her father. She is a very picky eater, but she will eat just about any vegetable I put on her plate and even if she grumbles, she usually does finish her plate (what a good girl!) She’s starting to come around and is more and more willing to try new things with each passing day. Paige is my own little proof that if you show kids many different kinds of food and let them explore their own tastes and preferences, you can get a picky eater out of their slump and help them broaden their horizons. Now I’m not saying this happens with every child. I’ve met my husband and I’m pretty certain he was just as stubborn with his dinner plate at the tender age of 4 as he is now. I’m just sayin’, for all you parents out there banging your head after you keep offering broccoli and it keeps being pushed away, there may be hope!

And then there’s Madison, our youngest. Maddie might look just like her dad, but her personality is me through and through – and that includes her palette! Maddie does have a very strong preference for vegetables – but she doesn’t care what kind you give her. Let her eat a huge bowl of salad for dinner one night and she’ll finish it all; or pile her plate high with spinach and chicken and she’ll gobble up those leafy greens before she even touches her meat. Aside from that, Madison will eat just about anything. She too, has come quite a long way from the days when she’d simply stare at her plate if dinner that evening didn’t look appealing to her!

And me? I like it all! If you fry it, grill it, sauté it, or bake it, the chances are that I will eat it! I love food and I love experimenting with different tastes and textures. The crazier a recipe is, the better for me! The only thing I never, ever will cook is shellfish and that’s only due to an allergy.

It’s because of my love of cooking and experimenting that I developed this blog! It started as my search to find the best recipes around – from magazines, cookbooks, online – and bring them to you to let you know which ones are truly superb, and which ones belong in the trash can. The more I get involved in cooking and experimenting though, the more I find out that I’m not really so bad at it, and I keep creating my own! Because while executing a delicious recipe is great, there’s nothing like creating one your very own!

So this blog brings you both – the recipes I’ve found and the ones I’ve created. If I have gotten the recipe somewhere else, I will always include a link (both to be fair to the original author and to let you see the original, I usually change it up a bit.) So browse through the soups, the apps, the main meals, and the desserts, and let me know what you think about them by leaving a comment. I keep at this blog for people who love to cook just as much as I do and want to learn more about food and cooking, but I’m always looking for more tips and more recipes too. So if you have any that you want to share or you just have something to say about any one of the recipes I’ve put up,  let me know. In the meantime, keep cooking and Happy Helpings!